Keeping a Journal

I decided that when I have a little extra time during my weekly emails, I will create some short, powerful posts for my mom to post at her leisure. I hope they strengthen and help you. My aim is to help everyone become more of an “everyday” missionary and to make the steps towards doing the things we need to do to become an “everyday” missionary. One of those is definitely keeping a good recod of your work….


Sister Wilson (from Sydney… G8 m8!) gave a great lesson in our district meting that changed my life. She is an AMAZING journal keeper and gave us all some tips on keeping our journal. I thought I would share:

She found three, principle points for keeping a good journal.

— 90% of success is just showing up. Be proactive. Buy a journal today and just do it!

— Procrastination can be conquered through mind and physical will power.

— If you forget for a few days, don’t feel like you have to catch up. If you forget to pay your tithing, you don’t have to pay last months tithing as well. Just start today.

— If you don’t have time, put post-it notes on pages reminding to write later about certain things.

— “Should I write about that…?” Ask your self three questions: Is it joyful? Is it useful? Is it beautiful? If you can answer yes to these, then WRITE ABOUT IT! Don’t use your journal to complain. Write about it only if you have learned something through it.

— What ignites YOUR fire? Make your journal YOUR journal!

— 1 nephi 6. Write about what you need to write about.

— Missionaries have planners. DOn’t just list the days and go through what happened like a robot. “A good writer tells the reader it’s raining. A better writer makes it feel like the reader is being rained upon.” You will want to relive these experiences later; record the small things.

— “Moments are molecules that make up eternity.” – President Uchtdorf

We are not mortals have spiritual experiences, we are spirtis having mortal experiences.

— Open and close your journal writing with a prayer. Journaling is an act of faith.

— A journal is not just for you. It is also for your inactive son. Maybe your inactive YOU! You don’t know how much these will mean to your great-grandchildren.

— Be your own Mormon (the prophet…). Be your engraver of your own sacred plates.

— Number the pages, title each entry, and make a Table of Contents


Thanks Sister Wilson for the great tips! This has changed my journal writing forever! I hope it will help everyone else out there!
— Randy!



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