Week 98: Wilhelmsburg








Hummel Hummel! 

(Then you say back: “Mors Mors!”)
Another week flown by! 
This Wednesday we had a really great district meeting. Our district last transfer was great. But I am really excited to work with these missionaries. The Altona Elders gave a great lesson on helping people come to church WITH US, not just extending invitations upon which they can act. The Zone Leaders were there and talked about companionship unity. And Elder Enenkel and I taught about turning our weaknesses into strengths. We namely used the Mormon Message “Men’s Hearts Shall Fail Them” and Ether 12:26-27, from the Book of Mormon. 
From Thursday evening to Friday evening I was on an exchange with our Zone Leader, Elder Bretzing. That’s a weird sentence for me. When I was in Freiberg, I was Elder Bretzing’s district leader while he was being trained in Meissen. We had some fun together playing basketball, helping a family move, and talking to some really interesting people in the Wartenau area. 
However, I would say that the real highlight of this whole week was the celebrations we had this weekend. On Saturday we had a whole day planned commemorating 50 years since the church building was built and dedicated by an apostle, Elder Ezra Taft Benson. After some presentations in the chapel, we had a big summer festival in the back on the church. Grilling, games, talking. Fortunately our Elder’s Quorum President has a job as a clown on the side and was able to entertain the kids. It was great! 
There were also so many people who came to see more about our church. We talked with so many people about the church. We didn’t even get to talk to them all. That’s when the members came in and did such a wonderful job introducing people to our building, the organizations within, and what we believe. 
Sunday was also our Ward Conference. Leaders from the Stake came and talked in our Sunday School classes and in our special, longer sacrament meeting. Everyone talked about the family, and how important it is that we be sealed together in a temple of the Lord for time and all eternity. On my mission I learned that marriage is like connecting two dots on a piece of paper with a line. We promise each other that we will help and be with one another until we die. But when we go to the temple, we add one more dot and two more lines, making a triangle. We make these connections in our marriage with God as we make covenants (or promises) not only to be true to one another, but also to allow God to help us in our marriage. In return, He blesses us with an eternal marriage, not just “until death do we part.” 
Because I have been true to my calling as a missionary, I want to be true to my previously foreseen callings as a son, brother, husband, father, member of the Church, priesthood holder, and as one who has made temple covenants.
We received today our last weekly email from President Kosak. (The keys to the mission home have already been handed over to President Fingerle). In his letter, President Kosak reminded us of what Elder Bednar, one of the twelve apostles, asked us when he taught us in Berlin. He asked us all to ask ourselves this question: “Based on what I have observed, learned, and felt, what will I do now?” 
Let us all ponder this question. When the Holy Ghost whispers change into our ears, let us act upon godly promptings. Maybe it’s to continue on as we have. Please ponder this question this week. If you feel comfortable, share your responses with me! (randell.hoffman@myldsmail.net). 
Thank you for all you do!
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
PS: Since I am at the end of my mission, I have been organizing and saving emails. I also played around with my contacts. So that is why some of you are receiving emails now all of a sudden. 
Newspaper article about our celebrations.

Newspaper article about our celebrations.

50 years Wilhelmsburg Ward!

50 years Wilhelmsburg Ward!

Our memorial of the dedication.

Our memorial of the dedication.



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