Week 90: Nuemunster

Pretty pond we found in Kellinghusen this week! I think this is where I got that mosquito bite on my ear....

Pretty pond we found in Kellinghusen this week! I think this is where I got that mosquito bite on my ear….

It is so hard to believe that another week has gone by. The time flies too fast!

The sun is starting to come up so early here that the sun shining through our windows wakes me up before our alarm clock does. I find it much more pleasant.
Monday evening we had a really nice family hone evening a member’s house. They are doing a month-long vegan cleanse. We ate a hearty soup with chickpeas and sweet potato and other stuff. I asked Sister N to copy a few good “missionary” recipes for me. (For those who don’t know, I was basically vegetarian before my mission). My body lately has been saying, “NO MORE BEEF! NO MORE PORK!” Three more months than my diet will be back in control!!! I just decided to be content and live while I am here. I know that focusing on the work at hand and taking in the energy I need for that is most important.
Tuesday we did a service project at a member’s home out in Großenaspe. We moved a big stack of wood. We were stacking the old stack on top of the new stack when Bruder L walked by and said, “Oh. That’s all just going to go back over there again….” Apparently we were building a little schack for ALL the wood so it stays dry during the winter. He has A LOT of wood. I should’ve taken a picture! A lot of Germany have ovens that get really hot. And the pipe runs through the house and warms it up during the Winter.
When we came home, Elder Fisher and I were KAPUTT (broken…). We laid down for like 10 minutes and then changed into missionary clothes. We headed down to Gadeland (a section of Neumünster) and TRIED so very hard to stay awake on the bus! We went by on a few less active members who were not home. As we were leaving one house there was a really loud and long clap of thunder. It just rolled through sky. And, then, like it only happens in movies, it started to rain. But not just; it started POURING down rain. And the rain wasn’t warm; it was cold. So we went to the bus stop and saw that the bus came again in 20 minutes. We tried waiting for a little bit under Elder Fisher’s umbrella, but it didn’t work. We saw the house across the street had a car port and that there was space for us there. So we walked over a just stood there for a while until the bus came. No one asked why we were there or anything. :/ Ha!
Wednesday we had a very special district meeting in Kiel. It was the last district meeting for Sister Harris (who is serving in Kiel) and Elder Lloyd and Elder Thorley (who closed the Rendburg program this last week). They gave some of there “last words” and shared some wisdom and advice. It was really cool. No one ever believes that day will come. Elder Lloyd told us to be obedient and to develop a Christlike love through obedience and to never stop progressing/using the Atonement. Sister Harris gave testimony that we were all individually called on a mission to our various areas. But she also then added that, “there are no successful missionaries, just successful companionships.” 
On Saturday we taught D from Eritrea. He lives in Bad Segeberg. We ended up teaching him and his roommates, who do not speak German or English. He had to translate the first lesson for us – something he hasn’t even quite understood for himself. It took a while until he understood the apostasy. We explained multiple ways and didn’t know how else to explain it to him so he could understand. I just took a moment and said a mental prayer as I stared at my English scriptures ( I am more familiar with my German scriptures now). The Spirit led me, and my companion as well, to say what we needed. What came out my mouth were my thoughts, but not my words. If they were mine, I would remember what I said and explained. He finally then understood and we could carry on forward with the lesson. It was definitely a fulfillment of Doctrine and Covenants 100 (among many others). 
For a spiritual thought, I would ask everyone to please read a short chapter from the Book of Mormon. It is Helaman 5. There is so much in this little chapter. I read it this morning and loved every bit of it! You can read it online by clicking on the highlighted link. Let me know what you see in there!

Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
 Love birds at the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg.

Love birds at the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg.

Elder Fisher.

Elder Fisher.





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