Week 78: Neumunster

Big chair in Wasbek

Big chair in Wasbek

The days just seem to be going by quicker and quicker!
This last week I hit my “6 months left” mark. Don’t worry… we bought Berliners that day from Bad Segeberg after going door to door for a few hours.
As a mission we have a goal that every missionary have two convert baptisms before President Kosak goes ALL THE WAY back home to Cottbus. We now have five months left and are making plans and praying about this goal. My goal is the same… just one month longer since I go home one month after President Kosak. I had a slight panic when I thought about that, but then quickly distracted myself! The time will go by quickly and I am excited to work hard these next months, just like the last 18, and see what the Lord has in store.
It’s crazy getting emails from people who are home.
To all the sisters going home now (Sister Larsen and Sisters Bautista, Nikitina, and Rodelas): Congratulations! Thanks for all your hard work, weekly letters, and good luck with whatever your plans are. And congratulations to one of my most favorite companions, Elder Adam Ustach, who is now engaged!!! Can’t wait to be back and visit you guys!
The Freiberg Temple is now officially closed. The next times it opens its doors will be in 16 months. Bis zum nächsten Mal, Familie Woolsey. Schöne Grüße an die anderen Missioanre dort! Viel Glück in Frankfurt! The Temple Missionaries will all be going home or headed to the Frankfurt mission this week.
The working here in Neumünster is slowly climbing. We had some great appointments with people who are really interested… and interesting! ha!
This week scripture is brought to by the author of PROVERBS! It is found in chapter 17, verse 22, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” (“ein fröhliches Herz tut dem Leib wohl, ein bedrücktes Gemüt lässt die Glieder verdorren.”) The key to the Gospel is to do it with happiness, for that is what it is. The Gospel is a message of gladness.
Friday was our Zone Training Meeting in Hamburg. Being with other missionaries is always so refreshing. Elder Thompson and I were called on to give a 3-5 minute lesson on the 4th lesson. So we had to just pick a point and go. Sister Kosak was sitting in the back and said “POPCORN” when we had to switch who was teaching. We were stalling while President finished his last interview. Ha!
President Kosak showed us a small film from the BBC about Auschwitz. This week we celebrated 70 years since its liberation. We talked about the concept of repentance as well. So many of those in the concentration camps – well, actually, all of them – did not choose to be there. I never would have. But many made the best out of the situation and then CHOSE to serve, be happy, and to live and to survive. We too did not choose our circumstances. There is much within our control and yet much outside of our control. Despite the uncontrolable circumstances, we can make wise, righteous, and even prayerful decisions to make a difference around us, not to survive, but to live; not to wait, but endure; not to pass through life, but to let life pass through us. A faith in God and in His eternal plan helps us to do this. For out of a hope for things to come, we have a faith that they these things can actually happen.
I read a talk this last week from Sister Shri L. Dew. It is called, You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born For Glory. Here, Sister Dew talks about power. Not power for which a CEO or a politician strives. Godly power, which helps us in our everyday lives. She says, ‘If you faith is wobbly, if you’re not sure the Lord will come to your aid, EXPERIMENT, put Him to the test: “Even if you can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you.”‘
On Sunday, as we greeted the members as they walked into the chapel, I saw a few faces that I recognized, but which did not belong to the ward here. There were some members from Bielefeld visiting some relatives. I always say, “The world is small, and even smaller in the Church, and yet even smaller in the Church in Germany!” Is was really great to see some familiar faces. The best part was that they remembered me. We ate the Fiedler’s home, the parents of the couple from Bielefeld (Fm. Rehsa). As we left, they came since they were somewhere else. Sister Rehsa (from Bielfeld) said to her mom, “It’s a good thing that Elder Hoffman ate at your house because he namely a vegetarian at home.” That was last summer that I ate at their house. I was really impressed. I think I sometimes leave bigger footprints than I think. Like I said, it is always nice to have a surprise and see some familiar people from “yesteryears.”
Thank you for all the support the last EIGHTEEN months! Hard to believe!
This next week will be filled with work, teaching, and moving/settling into the “new” apartment. My family will have the new address. Contact them if you want it.
Have a great week!
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission

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