Week 76: Neumunster

Bike ride to church....

Bike ride to church….


“Moin Moin” aus Kiel!

We are in Kiel (KEEL) today for our Pday. Elder Pinyon is from Australia and today is Australia Day. So we are celebrating a little bit with him. Just ate lunch and are playing a few games in the Institute Center here. We wanted to go to the beach here, but it is the middle of January and we are Germany… no beach weather here!
So… I went to get my haircut this morning before we left for Kiel. I went to a turkish salon to get my hair cut. I told the man man I want him to cut 2 or 3 millimeters off. He cut my hair so that it is now 3 millimeters long…. So… I got another WIN for me and me my hair. I am more than excited to communicate what I want and ACTUALLY get that. People don’t really listen all that well here. Good thing it’ll grow back in a month!
THEN! As we were traveling up, I realized that I left my monthly ticket (Monatskarte) in my other coat! So… I got a €40 ticket for traveling on the train without a ticket. Normally they are more merciful. NOT today! Oh well.
But this last week really testified to me that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!!
The work here… well we are starting at the ground since we are both pretty new here and know NOTHING or ANYONE. We have some great appointments lined up with people who really do have interest – people from our area book and people we have found ourselves.
My favorite part of this last week was when we met with a less active family. Our ward mission leader and ward missionaries told us on my second day here that we could try visiting with them. But they would just rather wait for sisters because they get along with them better. They said the family just hangs up as soon as they hear it’s the elders. So I called the family. (If you know me well enough, you shouldn’t be surprised). I said we were both new and wanted to get to know them by coming over. We made an appointment and had the most wonderful time getting to know each other. It was great meeting with them, speaking english (because the husband is american), and getting acquainted with their needs.
We are really concentrating on our connection with the ward because that kind of went out of focus. The Ward Mission here is truly fantastic! They not only know the needs of the ward, but also look and pray for solutions. They are such a great help to us when it comes to the work. I am very grateful for them.
This week, through my studies in the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and Ecclesiastes, and the talks Elder Thompson and I listen to in the evening, I have been learning so much about the process of repentance – namely what comes afterwards. When we repent, or even come to a knowledge of a commandment or truth, we are obligated to make it a part of us. When we sin and repent, we bury our old weapons of war, never to be taken up again. We forget and move on. I think a problem so many of us have is that we keep reopening those old wounds, we dig up that which we put away, just to fantasize about how things really once were. We cannot open up old wounds. Christ died that they may be healed. I am not so good at moving on – not forgiving, that is something else. But forgetting and never go back there again. LINGERING, is what it is called. LOOKING BACK, like Lot’s wife, is the perfect example which Elder Holland so wonderfully provides. Repentance is a happy process. We don’t teach and practice it to point out the bad in others. How can we do that when we have to do that same for ourselves? I come closer to Christ whenever I make the decision to correct what I did wrong.

Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Our church building has enough spoons for the whole city....

Our church building has enough spoons for the whole city….

 Riding our bikes to church

Riding our bikes to church

I hate this clock. It tells me how cold it is outside....

I hate this clock. It tells me how cold it is outside….


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