Week 66: Freiberg

Me and my city!! FREIBERG!!!

Me and my city!! FREIBERG!!!




Greetings family and friends!

This week was a lot of fun and a lot of stress!
Monday we had two eating appointments back-to-back and on complete opposite sides of the city! We met with a few, new chinese members. They started making food for us and put peanut butter in something which is pretty much cyanide for Elder Gerberding. That was a close one! Then we went to ANOTHER eating appointment at 8 o’clock at a member’s home. We had a good time there though and it was worth it.
I spent the day in Dresden waiting for Elder Schouten to come all the way over from Hamburg. I was very happy to be back in Freiberg once more!
We have been working very hard and talking to a lot of people. We have some good potential investigators now. We talked to one man on Friday. He didn’t have time, but said he would take our card and come to church on Sunday. AND HE CAME!! He has been in Germany for a few months now and is from Africa. He wants to meet again. We are excited, naturally!
Saturday we had our district meeting in Dresden. We normally have it on Wednesdays, but Elder Bretzing is training and did not get back from Berlin until Thursday. We found out that the train we normally take only runs on weekdays. So we had to wait another hour to get to Dresden. And then the metro train in Dresden, which went to the church, was delayed 20 minutes. I was so nervous that out 1-1/2 hour long meeting was going to turn into a spiritual thought. The first two meetings I have had as district leader have not worked out too well. But, this one ended up turning out really well!
No one could play piano and I was worried. It’s always nice to have a piano to accompany – especially when our district is made up of four elders! But we sounded great even without! That was a huge tender mercy for me.
This next week we have our Zone Training Meeting in Dresden (Dresden Zone…). The Zone Leaders asked my companion to give a lesson and not me. I guess I can just doodle in my coloring book in the back of the chapel…. 😛 Then we have interviews with President Kosak on saturday. We have been asked to sing in the Stake Conference (the saturday evening session). That will be really cool! I guess last time was only because a member of the Area Seventy was in the area and wanted to meet with the Stake. Now we are actually having our semi-annual Stake Coference. Weird…. I get to see all the Schwarzenberg members again though!! AND I get to sing in the missionary choir!!
Well. I hope everyone has a great week!
How will you be better at sharing the gospel THIS week? Make goals and set plans for your goals! http://ldsmag.com/article-1-15057/
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
New Companion!! Elder Schouten

New Companion!!
Elder Schouten



Waiting at the train station

Waiting at the train station


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