Week 61: Freiberg


Selfie on the way to church!!

Selfie on the way to church!!

Well… I guess we can get the interesting news out-of-the-way. President Kosak called on Thursday and made me the District Leader mid-transfer. I feel like I have just been thrown into the fire and I am not sure what is even really going on! But, like my sister mentioned in her email to me today, I just need to create more “flow” in what I wish to obtain and develop.

Our Ward Mission Leader works up at the temple and we do our emails every week from the church, right next store, in the Genealogy Center. We always drop off our Progress Records before emails at his office where he can scan them. Last week we forgot and went Tuesday morning. The Bishop also works there and we ended up chatting for a little bit with the two of them. Our Ward Mission Leader received a phone call and told us that there was someone visiting the temple – nonmembers – who wanted a tour. Normally we would have been at home studying, eating, or in another part of the city working. So we were able to go open up the Church, turn the lights on, and walk them through the informational panels that are on the walls of the church’s foyer. We talked about the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Temple on the Ancient American Continent where Christ appeared to the people there. We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel in the early 1800s and the story of the Freiberg Temple.
They were quiet the whole time, nodding their heads and helping us quote scriptures when we couldn’t quite get the words right in German. And then we showed them the photo of (then) Elder Monson handing a gift to President Hönicker, the head of the German Democratic Republic. Back then there was no religious freedom. Elder Monson, now President Monson, wanted to take the Saints in East Germany to Bern, Switzerland so that they could be sealed to their families, and then return them safely back to Germany. President Hönicker then said, “Well why can’t you just build one here?” When we told this story of how the Freiberg Temple came to be, they were astonished and said that things like that NEVER happened. I am so grateful for this temple – and even proud of it. I was grateful to share my testimony with them of eternal marriages and families and the sacred covenants which we are able to be made in the Temple. Here’s the story.
On Wednesday we had our Zone Training Meeting in Dresden. I didn’t know anyone there. I don’t like how people keep going home and getting transferred! (That’s a joke!) I enjoy getting to know new people and experience new things. The Dresden Sisters are the only sisters in the ENTIRE zone. They gave a Theme (a lesson on training) on Christ being the “perfect leader.” I had never realized this, but Christ had three years during his earthly ministry. He only taught for this short part of his 30-year long life. Likewise, we only have 2 years as Elders and 18 months as Sister to preach exactly what Christ preached so long ago. We need to use all of our time and efforts to serve the Lord. It is always a good “check-in” to make when we ask ourselves “What Would Jesus Do?”
This last week I finished my study of the prophet Mormon. He is an amazing example to me of focus, righteousness, purpose,  love and charity. I love President Godon B. Hinckley’s talk, “Mormon Should Mean More Good.” Yes, we are all Mormons. But we are all also our own Mormons, as in the prophet himself. We carry his name and should do so joyfully and respectfully and honorably. I am reading the Book of Numbers now. I read Numbers 13 and thought of Sister Kosak’s lesson from the January Zone Conference. Her question really struck me the other day: “Why do we not trust God?” The people of Israel had finally been led to their promised land. All they had to do was conquer it. God was on their side. The twelve “spies” were sent out to see if it were possible and they said it was. They brought grapes to show how plentiful the land of Canaan was, just like the dove brought back an olive branch in the story of Noah and the great flood. I thought about how often God does this in my own life, in all of our lives. How often He makes His hand, His works, glory, and blessings manifest in our lives, and we walk past them, we take for granted, or we even deny them by taking an alternative path – like the people of Israel did. 
Sister Kosak said not to compare. Realize what God is doing for you this very moment. Is it the weather? Is it someone next to you? Maybe it is simply the testimony which you have worked so hard to obtain. I can testify to everyone that He is in you life and wants you to see Him. He is fulfilling the promises He had made on a daily basis. We need only have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to feel. Even a contrite spirit and an open heart.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful, healthy meal at our Ward Mission Leader’s home. They are such great examples of keeping the Word of Wisdom. No diary. And no meat, since it is not winter time yet. It was nice to feel like I was not going to explode after the eating appointment! They made a chocolate cake out of coconut milk, whole wheat flour, and zucchini, and some other things. I felt really great after leaving. Another family in the ward gave my a gift of mostly candy (to counter balance what I ate at the Maschke’s)! 
My birthday package from home got stuck in customs in a random village in Meissen’s area. But we are tausching (exchanging) this week; so we are going there to go get it. THE SUSPENSE! My mom will print out all the Facebook messages on my profile and send them to me. 
I’ll wrap up my long email! Have a FANTASTIC week! Do a favor for me! Sit and enjoy the fall weather that is around you! It is so beautiful! Enjoy something pumpkin-flavored for me!!
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
What I wake up to every morning. Jakobi Kirche. :D

What I wake up to every morning. Jakobi Kirche. 😀

Birthday Cake!!!

Birthday Cake!!!

We found these "Reformation Rolls" at the backery across the street from our apartment. Reformation Day is 31 October. I am still looking for "Restoration Rolls," though....

We found these “Reformation Rolls” at the backery across the street from our apartment. Reformation Day is 31 October. I am still looking for “Restoration Rolls,” though….

Green Bowl Game - Gummi Bears

Green Bowl Game – Gummi Bears

Green Bowl Game - caramel candy

Green Bowl Game – caramel candy


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