Week 54: Bielefeld

The District

The District

Greetings from CHILLY Germany!
The weather has been pretty cool that last few weeks! We only a few hot days this summer. Odd. We broke out our winter clothes even!
A few Sundays ago in our impromptu english sunday school, we were talking about prayer. Bruder P (or Hermano P…) commented that the best part about prayer is being the answer to somebody else’s prayer. Elder Lawyer and I were able to experience that this last week a few times. Through hard and fun times, we have been able to show people the way of “truth and light.”
Monday evening we at our regular Family Home Evening with our favorite Fijian family! The Sisters prepared a spiritual thought about the Temple because…. the family is going to the Frankfurt Temple in TWO DAYS to be sealed together as a family for eternity! We all passed around a photo of the Frankfurt Temple and talked about why we love the Temple and want to go there. It was a very spiritual lesson. I was so happy for this family. I cannot wait to see them again!
Last week, Elder Lawyer and I just went through the Ward Directory that we have and called all the people whom we didn’t know very well or at all. Some people did not want anything to do with us. Some said to call in a few months after vacation. And a few made appointments out with us! One was Familie M (or Familia M because they come from Cuba!) They are the FIRST Cubans that I have ever met. Maybe it’s just because I am American, but I was so fascinated when I found that out. Hermana M is very sick and has a hard time leaving the apartment. So it is hard for them to come to church. We took the father of the Dominican Republican family with us and he was able to translate things to the wife, who only speaks Spanish.
We shared the First Presidency message from the Liahona from President Uchtdorf about the law of the harvest and obedience to God’s laws. We read Doctrine and Covenants 130:20 and Malachi 3:10 and invited the spirit so strong. It was such a great visit. My personal goal is to find a way to get them back at Church every Sunday. I know it is possible!
Sister M was just so ecstatic that we were there and was so filled with the Spirit. She had made up some rice beforehand (some cuban rice. SOOOOO yummy!) and she kept saying how she felt life a leaf falling through the air and that she felt like dancing. She kept calling us her angels as well. The had been praying that people from the Church would come visit them again. The Jehovah’s Witnesses had been by on them three times while we haven’t visited them once. That’s saying something here people! Bruder P reminded us of what he said on that Sundayabout being the answer to people’s prayers and that is what was happening at that moment. So great! I think it is only acceptable on the mission to be classified as a “tool.”
We were then also able to meet with P, our blind investigator. We had a great appointment. The “God topic” is a hard one for him. So we thought about how we could teach him about Heavenly Father. We decided to make out own Preach my Gospel lesson just about God. We found that there were three basic elements that one needs to understand in order to have a testimony of God and His nature:
1. He is the creator of the earth and father of our spirits.
2. He created a way to return back to Him through the Atonement.
3. Because we are to become more like Him during this life, He helps to do this. He knows best and gives us what we need in order to meet this goal.
He understood so well. We committed him to pray more and ask if God is there and that the Book of Mormon is true.
Some other things that happened this: an appointment with a member in Horn-Bad Meinberg (at one side of our area) and an eating appointment with the Televinukuleka Family at the complete other side of the area. That was a fun day of missed buses and trains! 😛 During our eating appointment at the Taylors (our favorite British family) their daughter yelled across the house:
“Let me guess!”
“I pooped!”
“I said let me guess! That is wonderful!”
“Can you smell it?!”
The last few weeks here on the mission I have been able to remember who I was before the mission. Not all the bad parts that I should not reapply or relive, but the actual person and the traits I had before the mission. I feel like as we come on a mission we leave everything behind in order to find out who really is hidden behind the Facebook profile, the iPhone,instagram, school, the friend circle, and so on. It’s just us and we find out during this “Two-Year Boot Camp” how we – WE without the facades – can be the best, lifelong disciples that we can be afterwards. I have come to enjoy my time here more and more everyday – not like I didn’t before…. My testimony of my own mission has been strengthened a lot these last few weeks and I hope that all the other missionaries out there can testify of their own missions: they it was worth the sacrifices, that they learned and grew and changed, that they are not lifelong disciples of the Savior because of their service
Live in crescendo! <
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
 #MissionaryWork #BuildingTheKingdomOfGod

#MissionaryWork #BuildingTheKingdomOfGod

German torts are the reason I gain weight....

German torts are the reason I gain weight….

Train rides........

Train rides……..


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