Week 46: Bielefeld

My sulu!

My sulu!

ALOOOOOOOO-HA!!!! (this is where you all say it back…)
We had an eating appointment with a member on Sunday. She is from Sacramento and her husband is from Fiji. He was wearing, what I thought was a Lava-lava. Turns out the more formal looking ones are called Sulus. I asked where I could get one and he said that he could give me one! And he came to Church with his wife yesterday and surprised me with one! I wore it at home during our study hours. DON’T WORRY! I will stick to my normal missionary clothes. But when I come home… we will have to see. It is very comfortable…. 😀
This was the week of Tausches (exchanges)! Elder Davis, one of our Hannover Zone Leaders, came to Bielefeld with me on Tuesday. We found a lady as we were talking to people on a busy street nearby us. Before we left, I looked at our bookshelf and thought, “Heavenly Father, who will we meet today? Which Book of Mormon should I take?” I picked a Russian one because there seems to be a lot of Russians here. And we met one! SHe was very excited to meet. Her phone was dead and she didn’t know her cell phone number. We made an appointment out to meet at the Church on Saturday. But she never showed up.
Our appointment on Tuesday with our blind investigator also fell out. Satan knows how great of a member he will probably be. We want to meet so can invite him to baptism and there is definitely an interfering hand here! His mother was sick and he was out-of-town. One day! I pray every day that we can help him and others.
There was one investigator that Elder Larson found and met with last transfer on Tausch with Elder Rich. He was an exchange student in Pocatello. For a while, I thought he didn’t like me because Elder B Larson is from Idaho and I am from California. But I called and he answered his phone! He should be getting a job this month and then can come to church! Still very interested in meeting with us! 😀
The weather has been odd lately. It rains randomly and I haven’t been prepared. So then I get sopping wet and have to keep walking around for it dry. Then I look super attractive afterwards. ha!
This next week we have several appointments lined up. We also have our Zone Training Meeting coming up. We are giving a lesson on “Talking with Everyone.” We will help everyone come up with good finding ideas and help motivate the missionaries to keep on keeping on!
As I was studying earlier this week in the Book of Mormon on Disciples – along with the rest of the mission – I realized that sometimes it is a little difficult to have faith, or to even cultivate it in the first place. As I developed my own faith, I had to do so many things that I did not like. It was often hard to kneel down and pray. Sometimes it was hard to stand up for the right, or what I believed. Elder Boyd K Packer, of the Quorum of 12 Apostles, said, “Faith, to be faith, must center around something not known. Faith, to be faith, must go beyond that for which there is confirming evidence. Faith, to be faith, must go into the unknown. Faith, to be faith, must walk to the edge og the light, and then a few steps into the darkness.”
As we read in Alma 32, a full and complete faith on Jesus Christ and his Gospel is not required. A simple experimentation on his word is asked of us. Alma teaches us to take the good seed, plant it, nourish, look forward to, and finally harvest the fruit for your benefit. I am grateful for my experiment and have found that the Gospel of Christ – this fruit – is precious beyond all that is precious.
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
 call it the: "Let's See How Many Photos of Elder Hoffman with Ice Cream We can Get" Project

call it the: “Let’s See How Many Photos of Elder Hoffman with Ice Cream We can Get” Project


Minden (last Pday)!

Minden (last Pday)!


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