Week 44: Bielfeld


 Elder Larson's American cookies. They taste just like Tollhouse cookies!!

Elder Larson’s American cookies. They taste just like Tollhouse cookies!!




Transfer calls were on Saturday! I will be receiving Elder Lawyer. I don’t know too much about him. We will get to know one another this next week – and next transfer. BUT!!! I am most excited that is my first companion that is actually YOUNGER than me on the mission, albeit only one transfer n. I am very excited for this next transfer with Elder Lawyer; we have so many people to meet and work with!
Our P-day activity last Monday was spent at the Tierpark (animal park) in Bielefled. Not quite a zoo. It was free and you can just walk around and see what kind of animals are natural to the area. I had fun and learned new things! There was even a grizzly bear there! Super cool. We probably stared at the wild pigs digging through the mud for too long; we couldn’t figure out what they were really doing.
That evening we had an eating appointment with a member. She took us to a Chinese Restaurant right by the Church. Our last eating appointment… she made WAY too much food… and we had to eat it all. We were glad that we could order our own plates this time. We both ordered smart; but she ordered this plate with probably five or six different meats and couldn’t finish it all. So, naturally, she made us finish it all. We didn’t escape and left with bulging bellies.
Our Wednesday District Meeting was really great. We all shared what we learned from our Mission Tour a few weeks ago. We all learned such different things. It always amazes me how many different points of view there can be in one room and how many things the Spirit can teach to so many different people. Elder Rich talked about how who we are now in our mission is who we will be in the future. Whoever we are, wherever we are, is who will be. We have the opportunity to change the future TODAY! Elder Koch talked about first being converted in order to convert others. Then, as we read in 3 Nephi 12:6, we should “hunger” and “thirst” after righteousness. Sister Wooward told us to never forget the big picture: why we are doing all this and why we are here. “Even when you cannot see it, God is working on your prayers…. What is love? Is it a fuzzy feeling? No. It is more than that.” And Sister Hansen said that all that we do in this Church is about Jesus Christ. She shared her favorite hymn “I stand all Amazed.”
Thursday we met with the man we met last week who is blind. He was very accepting of our lesson on the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. When we taught about the First Vision, he kept saying “Wow!” It was so great. We then downloaded his German Audio Buch Mormon for him. He just took Elder Larson’s USB and did it all himself on his laptop! It was super crazy! His computer spoke to him in this super fast voice and he did everything from his laptop. I am amazed! So cool! Since he lives right next to us, we walked to Church with him so he could learn the way. He loved Church and the Ward loved him! Everything in Priesthood, our Gospel Principle’s Class, and Sacrament Meeting was perfect! Bishop Wächter was great at explaining at the beginning of Priesthood class, that we might not understand everything, but we should listen to the Spirit. We then learned more about the Oath and the Covenant of the Priesthood, which is really the basis of the Priesthood. And all the speakers, I am sure because of guidance from the Holy Ghost, explained everything from the Book of Mormon perfectly: context of certain chapters and stories and the applications as well. He also LOVED the music and the organ since his hearing is so sharp! I sat next to and helped him with the Sacrament and he truly felt the spirit during the music and the talks. This week Elder Lawyer and I will ask him to be baptized next month.

As I have been working on my obedience little bit by little bit on a daily basis, I have seen so much happiness in my work. I realized, as a member of this Church – as someone who has realized who Jesus Christ is and accepted him as my Savior and Redeemer – it is impossible to have a bad day. Bad days should not exist. If we truly repent on a daily basis and work to improve ourselves, we have that heavenly help to go the extra mile in our study, work, thoughts, and so on.
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Elder Larson and his Milchschnitte!

Elder Larson and his Milchschnitte!





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