Week 41: Bielefeld

This how we find our way around town...... your remember these things..... maps!!

This how we find our way around town…… your remember these things….. maps!!

Happy Memorial Day in America!
Here is what we did for Pday! ha! Elder Larson spent Personal Study time calling doctors and members to see where he could find a good one. His toe had an infection of some sort and was getting more and more painful; he couldn’t really walk anymore and the pain was even making him nauseous. So we went to one doctor down the street from us. We wanted for about 45 minutes. Then I wanted another half hour while Elder Larson was being looked at. The Nurse said it needed to be “operated” on that day. They sent us to another specialist in Altstadt. So we hobbled our way over there, found the doctor’s office, and then waited for another hour. While I fell asleep in the waiting room, Elder Larson felt so sick he wept back to their bathroom and asked if they had anything they could give him. They were so worried that they just took into an exam room right then and bypassed all the other patients. Meanwhile I woke up and was wondering where my companion went to. About an hour later he came back and said they cut it all away – not the toe, the infection. We had to go pick up some drugs fo him. Turned out that the numbness wore off and Elder Larson had to use my shoulder as a human crutch the rest of the day as we took money out from the ATM and traveled all around to go do emails. We sat down and probably 20 minutes, Elder Larson was super pail and wanted to go home. So… we hobbled our way – very slowly – back home. He has to take it slow the next few days. Study time for Elder Hoffman! Let’s be real, I will probably bake instead! But that was Monday! Elder Larson is much better and we are looking forward to the rest of the week that we have ahead of us.
Last P-day we went to go visit Bückeburg. It is an old Castle. Very pretty cool, for my first German castle. It reminded me a lot of Hearst Castle in California. Very ornate. Lots of symbology. But it was a great District P-day with the Minden Elders and the Bielefeld Sisters. There were some horse stables there as well. We went to go look at them and Sister Hansen was trying to meet our Zone goal of 100 baptismal invitations tis month by inviting the horses. I don’t think they count….
On Sunday, a member gave a really great talk. Sister Taylor, from England, is a convert and gave a great talk on what actually helped her to grow deep roots into the Gospel. She talked about knowledge and how we should continually seek after good, pure, and correct knowledge. Seminary helped her to develop a great foundation of knowledge whereupon she could later build her own testimony – which is basically the knowledge we accumulate for ourselves. She is also such a great example of being a pioneer. She didn’t have the Gospel growing up and yet has an amazing family and – in my opinion – is a super mom. You would never think so, but as a missionary, we see so many families being raised up in the Gospel. We see all time amazing examples of parents teaching children virtue and righteousness and faith. As someone from a slightly different background, that scares me. How can I do that in the future?! But Sister Taylor’s example and scripture (2 Nephi 28:30) helped me. We just need to continue on forward, learning step by step, what to do and what to say.
In my personal study, I finally finished Mosiah “auf Deutsch!” (On to Alma!!!) In Mosiah 27, King Mosiah speaks of equality. I realized how great the need o equality in everything is. When we truly appreciate those around us, love them even, and help them in any way we can, we develop a society based upon righteous elements. When a society is more able to act in harmony with God’s commandments, it becomes fruitful, productive, and successful – blessed even. How can we have mor unity with those around us? With those who should be around us? How we create more equality in the world? In our community, families, companionships. work environments?
My commitment for members at home is simple this week. On Sunday, or even call them today, and say “Elder/Sister _______, how can you help me with my own missionary work?” They will have an answer for you. Even if you do your missionary work already, ask them anyways. There is always room for improvement; there is always more room for the blessings of he Lord!
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Teaching the Young Men to cook..... Missionary Style. I am thankful I learned to cook at home!

Teaching the Young Men to cook….. Missionary Style. I am thankful I learned to cook at home!


Elder Larson doing the dishes post toe injury

Elder Larson doing the dishes post toe injury

Companion Unity Don'tTouchMe

Companion Unity Don’tTouchMe


Bückeburg Schloß!!

Bückeburg Schloß!!


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