Week 39: Biefeld Germany


Getting on the train in Schwarzenberg........ Adios Elder Ustach

Getting on the train in Schwarzenberg…….. Adios Elder Ustach

Happy late Mother’s Day!

This week was very busy! I finally got here on Tuesday. I had to do the whole trip from Schwarzenberg to Bielefeld by myself. I was expecting to see other missionaries on the train for Transfer Day. But I didn’t see anyone. So I had to carry my two giant suitcases, my smaller suitcase, and my backpaqck all over the place!
I enjoyed the train ride! Lots of study time! Random thought: we drove by so man wind turbines. And I saw one random one that only had two blades. All the three-bladed turbines were moving very fast and creating energy. The one with only two blades was not moving. It made me think. The other two blades need to the one other blade in order to keep moving. The all help eachother, with the aid of wind, to keep moving. I thought of the Godhead. Take one person, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost, and nothinf works. The all need eachother.
Bielefeld is great. It is a city of about 300.000 people and we lots to do! We have to work on the relationship between the missionaries and the Ward here – which so huge!!! We have one member appointment every day this week. We are making cookies and banana bread for them all. We want to also print out photos of the two of us so they can think of us during the week when we are not there. We will be watching the Work of Salvation Broadcast with them all and helping them creating mormon.org profiles and their own family mission plans.
Oh! Just in case no one got this, my new address is:
Elder RR Hoffman
Lipper Hellweg 235
33605 Bielefeld
I also went Tausch (exchanges…?) with one of our Zone Leaders in Hannover. I learned alot: namely how to stop people on a bike to talk to them. People were surprisingly very open and not annoyed that we stopped them! We were at the University of Leibniz and I stopped a man to talk to him. Turns out he was a teacher at the Uni there and taught what I want to study at home: Environmental Studies! It was an answer to my prayer… well, to me thoughts… that I could come back to Hannover to study!! I love the city!
We also had an eating appointment at a member’s house wjile I was on Tausch. The wife made burrito pie: definitely american and SOOOO good! But all the other missionaries in Hannover were there, too. Including SIster Lartey who was in Lankwitz – who now one of my best friends – and my former Zone Leader from Neukölln – Elder Atkinson! It was so great to see these old faces and catch up. And it is even greater to know that I will see them a few more times this transfer with Tausches, Zone Training Meeting this week, and Mission Tour at the end of this transfer!
Elder B Larson, my companion, is also great. He goes home in a transfer and is trying very hard not to get trunky. He will be a good worker until the last day. He was roommates with Elder Beck in the office at BYU; so, between the three of us, we have lots in common and to talk about. ALways a fun time with him!
We have a lot of people with whom we want to work more. We are going to pretty much invite everyone here to be baptized on the 7th of Juneand start helping people to work towards that date as a goal.
I hope everyone at home is still studying in Preach My Gospel, just like Elder Ballard told us to do. It is a great book and will greatly improve your own missionary work. I PROMISE! 
Thanks for all the support and love! I appreciate all the little things (letters and packages) from Ward Members at home! Keep up the good work converting yourselves and others!

Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Elder Larson and Elder Hoffman

Elder Larson and Elder Hoffman


Mother's Day chat!! <3

Mother’s Day chat!! ❤

I need to learn to travel a little liter!!  : )

I need to learn to travel a little liter!! : )


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