Week 36: Schwarzenberg

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Glück auf!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring and Easter week!
This week I studied the last week of Christ’s mortal ministry. He did so much during this last week. And I learned so much from His life.
Studying all this this week really helped me to strengthen my testimony of my Savior and what he really means to me.
As I sat in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, I was looking around the Chapel at the different members there. A family took our spot and so we sat in the back of the Chapel. Having been in this Branch for 3 transfers now, I have come to know the people here fairly well. Knowing some of their stories, I saw each person and asked myself, “Why are all these people here? What makes them comes every Sunday?” I could see how each person, from how I knew them, had experienced the Atonement in their lives. From my studies this week, I came to an even greater knowledge of what my Savior means for me. Because He sufferred and died, I can work hard and live with my Heavenly Father once again. Because He died and was resurrected, I do not need to fear.
When Christ returns to Bethany, he goes to visit Lazarus, whom He raised from the dead. People come from all over not only to see Christ, but to see the man who Christ healed. It made me think of how we have all, and still can when we have not, had experiences with Christ: He has made us whole, saved us from danger, guided us to safety, showed us the way, or spoken words of comfort through a servant to us. We can all be living, walking, breathing testimonies of Jesus Christ. Share your love for him. Share your experiences when they strengthen one another. Seek after His words, His love, and His understanding.
I can testify from experience that He is always there. He never goes away – no matter how far astray you think you have gone. Coming for the first time can be hard because of how different it is. It may seem silly. But we don’t kneel and pray so we can be cool; we do it because we have a Father in Heaven who made who wants to talk to us and help us. Returning to Christ can be even harder – intimidating even. But He is always there. Many have come unto Him, left, and returned again and again with ease. His arms are always open and He is always understanding; He knows what you are experiencing.
There is no sense in holding onto the past. The past is the past. It is done. Move on. Forgive. Forget. And forge on. Faith is not a nicety to develop; it is necessary.
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Dinner during Veggie Week

Dinner during Veggie Week

An Easter gift from Ward Member

An Easter gift from Ward Member

Elder Ustach  : )

Elder Ustach : )

This is going into the cookies.......

This is going into the cookies…….

Cookie time........

Cookie time……..

Selfie on the way to church!!

Selfie on the way to church!!


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