Week 31: Schwarzenberg


Heiliger Kuh! Time is flying by so fast. I am going to be half way done with my mission before I even know it!

This week had a slightly rough start…. As usual, Monday night was spent at Family Home Evening at the Ebisch home. I didn’t really feel to well. I couldn’t find the appetite to eat anything, but I was still hungry. I started feeling worse and worse as we made our way home. We got off the train in Aue and walked underneath to get to the other side to go home. I only made it half way through the tunnel and threw up everything that was in my body – including my liver. So bad. The best part was getting to walk the mile and a half home… up hill, afterwards!
Sister Sadler had been sick earlier. Then me. Then Sister Helzer got is the worst of us all. Elder Larson was the last to get it. We aren’t entirely sure where we all got. A few members had it to and we heard of a few other people in Aue having it. Maybe just something that went around. All the food that we carefully purchased that Monday all of sudden looked so unappetizing. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home near the bathroom. I was so weak the next day and half and could not eat. Although, I have now watched every single approved DVD known to the Germany Berlin Mission. I think my favorite is Mountain of Lord, the story of how the Salt Lake Temple was built. So much sacrifice. Something like, built when it was, could have only been built by divine assistance.
Heavenly Father definitely taught me a lesson when I sick. The last two transfers I have been very precise with everything. keeping the apartment spotless, and making sure we are always following our schedule. Yes, those things are good. But I learned how I can have a balance. I decided to keep my desk slightly messy, just so I can learn to deal with “unbalance” and not be so wound up. I left a pencil on my desk, instead of putting back in my pencil holder: I almost died. It is still there at home.
On Thursday, we were able to go to Stollberg and door-to-door. We found one man at the end of the day. We knocked on his door, started to walk away, and then he opened the door. We told him who we were and what we were doing and he looked incredibly confused. We just stood there while he was trying to figure it all out. He stared at our name tags and then figured out we were from a Church. He told us he was Atheist and should try somewhere else. We said something, I forget what, and he told us to speak louder. He said we spoke a lot like Christ: quiet, soft, humbly, etc. What was surprising was when he said that Christ is actually a big example for him. He said earlier he wanted to be a preacher, but that was too hard in the DDR. SO he became, instead of a religious adviser, a medical adviser and studied Psychology. We told him about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon. When I taught about the First Vision, he was all of a sudden incredibly excited to read the Book of Mormon – and even more excited when he learn that the Book of Mormon is additional scripture. We are excited to hear from him again and see what he learns.
Hopefully we can finally have a week of steady work, uninterrupted by illness. We have a lot of time this next week to go find those whom the Lord has already prepared.
As we went by to visit shortly with a Less Active Member, I had the strongest impression that the people with whom we now are working should always have contact with us. They may not be making progress now; but how will they make progress later if we decide to stop working with them? We need to ask hard question and listen with the Spirit in order to understand their needs, concerns, and to find out what is really going on. Less Active Members have already decided to follow Christ and need help staying true to the covenant that they have already made. And our paths have already crossed with those of investigators for a certain reason: they need us and we need them.
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
Bored selfie while home sick!!

Bored selfie while home sick!!

Sunny bus ride!!

Sunny bus ride!!


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