Week 30: Schwazenberg


THREE-OOOHHH!!!! I hit 30 weeks! And March 14th marks 7 months on the mission, too!

Well, I will have to say that the highlight of this past week was going to visit the Freiberg Temple. What an amazing experience. It is such a tiny, but incredibly beautiful, House of the Lord. When we went in, there were SO many people there – because it was so small! And it seemed like they somehow all knew one another!
I don’t really have too much else to write about this week….
On Wednesday we had another Zone Training Meeting in Chemnitz. We learned how important it is to 1) rely on the Lord for our troubles and stresses (He has gone through it all!), 2) how to extend and follow up on commitments, and 3) to speak 9-9 German and have good, daily Sprach Studium.
I learned a lot there. I am always excited when I find ways to become a better missionary.
On Friday, all of our appointments fell through. So we decided to walk all the way from Schwarzenberg to Aue. It ended up a lot longer than we thought. I wish I had brought my camera though! It was so beautiful to walk through the German forests and enjoy the sounds of nature. Probably wasn’t the best use of time… but we have to enjoy both sides of hard work and relaxation sometimes in order to NOT go crazy!!!
Thursday evening we had a dinner appointment with a family. We met him on the street a while ago; his father is the pastor guy that founded a Christian congregation back in the DDR. We ate with him and his parents and his friend. His parents asked us so many questions. We answered questions about us, what we do as missionaries, Temples, Priesthood, how the Church is organized, prophets, the literal gathering of Israel, the hymns we sing and our Sunday church services, and so much more! And they believe almost everything that we believe. It was a great evening of learning from one another.
The parents invited us over to come to breakfast with the Sisters the next day. After eating, the father asked us, “So, what is the most important part of the Book of Mormon that I should read?” #KillerQuestion
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission
 Celebrating Fasching at FHE at the Church!

Celebrating Fasching at FHE at the Church!

It is spring in Germany!!

It is spring in Germany!!


World's smallest Spritzring!

World’s smallest Spritzring!

Spring Selfie

Spring Selfie

He told me he didn't need any socks!!

He told me he didn’t need any socks!!


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