Week 25: Schwarzenberg……. or Aue?

ALOOOOOOO-HA!!! (this is where you say it back…)

So… I will just go chronologicalls here.
Monday was Pday. We spent it in Chemnitz. We wanted to spend it with the Zone Leaders. But they didn’t really organize anything. So we just walked aroud. I ate ice cream….
Tuesday was spending traveling to Berlin for our Zone Conference. One of our trains fell out and we had to find another. It was fun.
Wednesday was finally Zone Conference. I always love seeing all the other missionaries from East Germany. The old ones, new ones, and everyone in between. President talked about going back to the Standards of Excellence when we set our goals. Which reminds me! I keep forgetting!
President Kosak and the Zone Leaders in the mission got together, prayed, and decided to change our Standard of Excellence from 1 baptism every month per companionship to 4 baptisms every month for every comapnionship! Yikes! That’s like South America!! But I know that these new goals will set our sights even higher and help us see even more success than before. I am excited. I hope I can see the day when Germany has – in a normal month – 4 baptisms every month for every companionship. The time is coming for Northern Germany!!!
We also had the Freiberg Temple President and a man from the Geneaology Dept. of the Church come talk to us about using Family History to find people. Very interesting!
Sister Kosak talked about Numbers 13. She talked about how Gospel promises us certain blessings, but we move go through certain trials in order to obtain these blessings from Him. I have had the thought this whole time: “Wehave to go through the 99 in order to find the 1 who is prepared.” I know we will find someONE with interest and who has been prepared by the Lord.
To be honest, I am going through a little rough patch in my mission right now. I am trying to figure so much out. And the circumstances around me have been giving me a lot of stress. But I have been able to stand on my firm foundation. I am grateful for the foundation of Christ and His Restored Gospel that I have built up under me. I know now that I can go to my Heavenly Father in desperate prayer asking for help. I know this will be a time of great growth for me.
I am grateful for the correspondence that I have with Elder Lucerna, from the MTC, who is serving in the Sydney North Mission. His mission always seems to mirror mine. And he is going through a time of “growing up.” He is a good example of how to handle this time in my life. I know without Christ, without God, nothing is really possible. I cannot change and expect to become what God wants me to become without His help. I don’t know where the end of the road is, but He does and can help me.
We are also finally moved into our apartment in Aue! I am hoping that we can finally start focusing more and more on Missionary work. We have to work out all the small things in the apaartment: our refrigerator was broken earlier and I realized this morning that we don’t have pans or baking dishes. We have pots though! OH!!! And we have a dryer! One that plugs into the wall and gets your clothes all warm!! And we have a full sized fridge. A big freezer for ALL that ice cream I am going to be eating! Kidding!! Just a little bit of ice cream…. :/
Elder RR Hoffman
Otto-Brosowski-Straße 4
08280 Aue
Also. Sunday will be the first SUnday in Germany when I have to give a talk! YIKES! I am a little nervous. It is on Doctrine and Covenants 35:9-16. It is kind of random. I am just going to go verse for verse expplaining it and making connections. But feel free to include me in your prayers! ha! I will really need them!
Sadly no pictures this week! We are writing our emails in Chemnitz this week and I forgot my camera at home. And I even made sure to take some nice winter photos of Schwarzenberg!! Next week I guess!
Here’s to a more successful week than this past week!!
My personal motto for Schwarzenberg: “You is kind! You is smart! You is important!”
Elder RR Hoffman
Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage
Germany Berlin Mission

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