Week 14: Neukolln

Hallo Liebe Freunde u. Familie:
I enjoy the little notes I receive from Ward Members in Danville! They make me so happy. It is great to hear how everything is going back at home.
This week started out with a District Meeting. We had it in Lankwitz this week since we had interviews with President Kosak. I love President! He is so funny and knows so much about the Church and Church History. He has a great way of presenting it all to us. He comapred us to the seagulls that came and ate the Locusts in the early Salt Lake Valley that were eating the crops. It was a miracle because seagulls don’t live in Utah. They came from the ocean, ate their fill of locusts, and then returned to the coast, and then came back. We are the miracles in Germany. We help those good seeds find fertile soil and then bloom into a beautiful stalk of corn or a wheat field or a fruit tree. I also enjoy my personal time with President Kosak; I can really feel the love he has for all his missionaries – and me individually. Sometimes I wonder how he could love almost 300 missionaries. Then I think, how can God love so many humans?
This week, I started to realize that I have not been feeling the Spirit as strongly in my life as I use to before my mission. Maybe I am just used to a smaller, more constant Spirit. But every Sunday was a spiritual awakening and I learned new and profound things for myself and applied them during the week and I made great strides in my personal study. But the German language is still much like Mathematics on Sunday. I understand 90% and can get the message – but not the whole Spirit. As I was reading from Jesus the Christ, by James E Talmage, is was reading of the boyhood of Jesus. It was tradition to take boys around the age of 12 to the Temple. There their religious knowledge was tested by Jewish Scholars and they became a member of society. As the family traveled about Jerusalem, they lost Christ for about 3 days. They later found Him in the Temple talking to the scholars. Again, this was normal, but the scholars were astounded by his perfect understanding and the questions He presented in return. Talmage writes: “Though she could have never have wholly forgotten, at times she seemingly lost sight of, her son’s exalted personality.” So it is with us at times. Sometimes we losr sight of the Christ or the light at the end of the Tunnel. But I am thankful this week for the foundation I have built for myself – for the Trampoline behind me that springs me back into the air again whenever I fall.
6 years to the day I was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yesterday, I sat next to a man helping him to gain his own testimony of this Church and I partook of the very same Sacrament that is in California and Idaho. And today, I visited the Reichstag Building (the German Parliament Building) and the Brandenburger tor (Brandenburg gate). Never would I have imagined, 6 years ago, that I would be here as a missionary. Again, i am so thankful for that decision that I made.
We have a Friend of the Church that lives near Tempelhof. We were early to an appointment and we walked around there looking for a bathroom. It was very pretty and I took some pictures that are attached.
Sorry for the short email today!
Elder Hoffman

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