Day 20 – Last day at the MTC

Guten Moregn! Today is Day 20 for me here at the MTC and I officially can say that I leave for Germany tomorrow! SAY WHAT?!?! HOLLA!!!

As great as it is here at the MTC, I am SO ready to go. I have spent the last three weeks within a 3-4 block radius (the MTC, the Provo Temple across the street, and the BYU Marriott Center just next door) and eating cafeteria food GALORE. I am praying that the SLC airport has like a Chipotle or a Costa Vida or something like that. It will be 9AM and I probably won’t even care!

My 4.5 hour layover in Amsterdam will prove to be interesting though. Then my mission president and his wife will pick us up at the Berlin Airport. There will be about 10 of us together headed to Berlin. The other some odd 30 missionaries in my Zone here are headed to Frankfurt on a different flight (SLC to Dallas to Frankfurt) and leave an hour before us. More sleeping time for the Berliners! I think we know who Heavenly Father love more. (Just kidding! He loves all of us just the same :P)

Oh! And there were two sister missionaries behind me in line yesterday at dinner. They are both headed to the Oakland-San Frnacisco Mission! I told them that if they are ever in the Danville Stake or the Alamo First Ward, tell them Elder Hoffman says hi. I didn’t think to get their names.

Our Fast Sunday was pretty good yesterday. All the missionaries who are about to leave have to attend a Departure Devotional on Sunday evening. President Hacking, one of the counselors in the MTC Presidency, spoke to us for a bit. He said that we are going out now to become “somebody’s missionary.” He told a story of a lady he baptized in England. He never was able to stay in touch with and had wondered for years what had happened with her and where she was. One night, her husband found him because his wife was feeling a bit down after her parents passed away. When he called President Hacking he said, “I thought that if I could just find her missionary, then maybe she would cheer up.”

President Hacking asked all the converts in the room to raise their hands and asked if we could remember the names of the missionaries that baptized us. And then I remembered, all the sister missionaries that taught me, I call them “my sister missionaries.” They will always be apart of my life wherever we are and I bet we will probably be something like neighbors or like in the same neighborhood in the Celestial Kingdom. I am so grateful for the opportunity to become “somebody’s missionary.”

Also, last night the former President of the Philippines MTC spoke to us. WOW! There are great things happening in that part of the world! He used the scripture from Alma and Isaiah that reads, “O how beautiful are the feet of those who stand on the mountain tops….” He explained that our feet will enter strange places, kick dogs away, and become very sore. But they will also lead many to the waters of baptism, lead us to find our friends from the pre-existence, and will constantly stand in holy places.

However, something I kept hearing a lot yesterday was something like, “You don’t know how great all of you are. You don’t know what a sight you are. You don’t have any idea about the work you are about to do.”
I do know the power with which missionaries are endowed. I do know what a sight we are. I know how much Heavenly Father loves his missionaries. And I know what the work will be like that is to come shortly. I will be walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the Savior, literally do His work on the earth with His priesthood authority, and I will be lifted up angels (D&C 84). I know all of this and I just felt like I needed to tell people that.

No pictures today. It has been kind of a boring week this week. I am doing a little laundry and packing today.

Ich liebe euch viel! Bis naechsten Montag!

Elder Hoffman


One thought on “Day 20 – Last day at the MTC

  1. Hi Elder Hoffman!

    Love reading your blog! I am so proud of you. You will be an awesome missionary!! Your testimony and spirit are so strong. Just want you to know Bro. Blatter and I just received our call and will be serving in Hong Kong (he as the executive secretary to the Area Presidency and I as his assistant) entering the MTC in December. Maybe we will meet your good friend Elder Lee’s parents! We love you and are so happy for you!!

    Sis. Blatter

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