Day # 9


Today’s forecast: rain. What?! It has been so hot here and not it is cloudy and rainy! I guess that time of the year is here!

Missionaries seen at the MTC:
  • Sister Emily Peterson (BYUI FHE sister first smester)
  • Sister Janai Goodwin (friend from BYUI & lives in Concord)
  • Elder Dan Ankenman (from Alama 1st Ward)
  • Brother Joey Langford (neighbor at BYUI second semester)
  • Elder Merit Capener (from BYUI)
No Elder Smyth yet!!
Well, I have been here a week now and it is CRAZY. We are always doing something. There is so much that I could talk about in this email. But throughout this week, I kept thinking of only one thing that I wanted to talk about: my district.
My district is just so amazing! They make me laugh, cry, think, happy, and everything in between.
Elder Lucerna said that he doesn’t have too many Church member friends in the Philippines; and now he can say he has all these goods friends from all over the world. And I can say that too. I am serving with these great brothers and sisters of mine from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Paraguay, Bakersfield, Lithuania, and Canada. Never would I have thought that one my best friends would be from Hong Kong.
Elder Lee and I have really just hit it off. We have companionship inventory three times a day for a few minutes; it is a chance for us to talk about our goals and our relationship. We never have any problems with each other and when I cannot explain something, he completely understands and vice versa. When I am tired and grumpy (like… REALLY grumpy) he’s got my back and understands why I am so irritable. I am so grateful for our companionship and for the relationships which have been rekindled from the pre-existence in my District at the MTC. I am so sad, though, that they all start leaving on Monday. I might not ever see them again. But we can all remember our relationships, memories, and lessons learned. Plus there is always Facebook…. 😛
Elder Lee will be back at BYU-Provo after his mission. When I transfer down there, we can meet up. I am excited for that and to see how his mission went.
Elder Lee has such an understanding heart and mind. He has so much love in his heart, too. When we were teaching our fake investigator, Lauren, we got her to commit to being baptized. She is really awesome and is understanding of everything we teach. Afterwards, we were talking and evaluating what we did right and wrong. I was happy, of course. But whenever Elder Lee would talk about when Lauren said she would be baptized… I just don’t think I will ever forget the pure joy that was on his face. He was so happy for this daughter of God that DIDN’T EVEN EXIST! It’s just our teacher pretending to be someone she taught on her mission. But that image of him smiling and being so excited for her is ingrained in my mind forever. If the joy Elder Lee and I felt was this great for an investigator that doesn’t exist, what will it feel like when we find our own investigators and baptize them?! What will this feel like when we go on to the next life and meet those whom we converted?
On Sunday we had a devotional on campus. The speaker was Vai Sekehema. Some of you older, sport fans probably know him. He served in the South Dakota Rapid City mission… exotic, right?! But he taught one man, Bob Dole, who had been, as of that Sundaybaptized 30 years ago. Brother Sekehema’s family, Brother Dole’s family, and the family of Br. Sekehema’s former mission companion family all rented RVs, left Utah for Rapid City and had reunion up there. When I saw both Brothers Sekehema and Dole at the podium sharing this experience I thought of Doctrine & Covenants 18:10, “And is you should labor all your days crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!”
One soul is not much. Bob Dole was not much. But with Bob’s wife, two daughters, and grandchildren, it was great. And with the almost 1000 names of his ancestors that he found and took the Temple, it IS great. How great the worth of even ONE soul truly is.
“The Lord sends His prepared people to His prepared servants.” President Eyring.
One more Prep-Day and then I am off the Germany of September 3rd with all the other German missionaries. After my district leaves, I will go to class with them for a week.
Elder Hoffman