Opening My Mission Call!

Where do I start?!

Let me start with my roommates. For those who don’t know, last semester I did not have a good experience with my roommates last semester. But I am already so much happier with my roommates; I think the fact that they’re all older, Return Missionaries has something to do with it. But when I got to my new apartment, I told them that I would be opening my mission call the next morning. They were very excited and supportive. They even made sure that they were up in the morning and dressed.

But it really was great having all of my friends that I made last semester come to my apartment and support me.

Reading that I am called to serve in the Germany Berlin Mission was so surreal; I don’t even remember hearing what people were saying around me.

I kept putting myself in a place where I would be willing to serve anywhere in the world. But I remember one night last semester telling Heavenly Father how much it would mean to me to serve in a German-speaking mission. My favorite part in my mission call reads, “You should prepare to teach the Gospel in the German language.”

I am so excited to serve Heavenly Father’s children in Northern Germany. God does answer our prayers when we earnestly tell Him the desires of our hearts.

(I report the the Provo Missionary Training Center on 4 September)


Berlin Mission Map

Map of the Germany Berlin Mission. It pretty much covers Northern Germany.


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