It’s HERE…!!!

My mission call finally came today! My mom texted to me to let me know it came and informed me that, instead of sending it to Rexburg for me to open on Sunday, she wanted to save money and come to my dad’s house – where I am staying before heading back to school – and hand it to me. So now I have to carry it from Oakland Airport to SLC Airport and on a four hour bus ride to Rexburg. Oh yeah, and sleep through the night to open it the next morning!

But I am very excited to open it! I have been putting myself in a place where I am ready to go wherever, because I know Heavenly Father is preparing people just for me and my companion(s) to find, influence, teach, and love.


Empty Mailbox

This was taken on Wednesday… when my mission call did NOT come.

Mission Call - Friday

This is my mission call… which DID come on Friday! This is my mom’s blurry photo from Facebook; but it suffices.

You can kind of see my name, too!


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