Missionary Work & the Berlin Wall

Today in Sacrament Meeting, we had a missionary-themed meetings. I was apart of a special musical number; we sang “Called to Serve” and sounded great. Our Ward Music Specialist told us to imagine the people we will be serving and the work that we will be doing so we could bring the Spirit into the song. As I thought of all the people I will come across in my two years in Northern Germany, it made a noticeable difference in my performance of the song.

Last semester, my German 102 techer gave a presentation on the demise of the Berlin Wall. I was very interested in it because, unlike in high school, my teacher taught the lesson with a Gospel perspective.

As I sat there and listened to Bruder Haderlie, I thought of what it meant to gather Israel. To me, Zion is a coming together of different people who long to be as one to support and uplift one another. For almost 40 years, the Berlin Wall prevented Germans from doing this.

And that is when I made the connection much like the Germans are proud of their heritage and history, members of the Church are very proud of their divine heritage and history. Both of us act upon those memories. If we can remember who we are (Germans, Americans, or Mormons), act on that pride and glory, and honor the past, I think we can all agree that we have something in common.

The most important thing I can teach my brothers and sisters of Northern Germany is that they are divine, loved, children of a Heavenly Father, who wanys to bless us with prosperity and success.




Opening My Mission Call!

Where do I start?!

Let me start with my roommates. For those who don’t know, last semester I did not have a good experience with my roommates last semester. But I am already so much happier with my roommates; I think the fact that they’re all older, Return Missionaries has something to do with it. But when I got to my new apartment, I told them that I would be opening my mission call the next morning. They were very excited and supportive. They even made sure that they were up in the morning and dressed.

But it really was great having all of my friends that I made last semester come to my apartment and support me.

Reading that I am called to serve in the Germany Berlin Mission was so surreal; I don’t even remember hearing what people were saying around me.

I kept putting myself in a place where I would be willing to serve anywhere in the world. But I remember one night last semester telling Heavenly Father how much it would mean to me to serve in a German-speaking mission. My favorite part in my mission call reads, “You should prepare to teach the Gospel in the German language.”

I am so excited to serve Heavenly Father’s children in Northern Germany. God does answer our prayers when we earnestly tell Him the desires of our hearts.

(I report the the Provo Missionary Training Center on 4 September)


Berlin Mission Map

Map of the Germany Berlin Mission. It pretty much covers Northern Germany.

My Mission Call Went Back to SLC….

I landed in Salt Lake City and am now waiting for the shuttle to take me back to BYUI.

The strangers around me must have been looking at me weird as I posed in front of my laptop with a strange  white envelope. Oh well! I’ll never see them again… or will I…. :/

But as I was speed walking through the airport to make sure I got to the shuttle-pick-up-spot early enough, I walked past two or three missionary homecomings. It was super cool and, because I knew what they were doing, I could definitely feel the Spirit.

As much as I look forward to saying goodbye to my family and friends for two, whole years, I anticipate seeing them again when I will come back – as a different person.

I kind of wish we all could just fast forward to after our missions so we can just be all cool and talk about our missions and tell people, “My mission president always said…” (If I had a nickel every time I heard that!!)

But we have to go through the hard stuff (and the fun stuff) to become those really cool Return Missionaries.

18 hours now until I can open my mission call! I am excited to get back to Rexburg and start this new semester. It is what I am supposed to be doing and I am in the right place.


Mission Call @ OAK

Me and the Mission Call waiting at the Oakland Airport.

Mission Call @ on plane to SLC

Landed in SLC. I could be a little more creative with my facial expressions.

The Handoff

My mom just dropped off my mission call at my dad’s house! I can’t believe that I am holding it!

It is heavier than I thought. ha! I will spare the deep details.

She also gave me a letter from Hermana Haley Childers! She is in the MTC and will be going to the Malaga Spain Mission. It was fun to read from her. She gave me some great advice about the MTC (don’t eat all of the good food, print out your emails to save time when responding, go to the gym and watch Church videos whilst exercising). Can’t wait to be in her shoes!

Anyways, I will chronicle our journey back to Rexburg, Idaho for everyone’s entertainment. The things I do when I get bored!!



My mission call (still sealed) and letter from Hermana Childers.

Hermana Childers gave me all sorts of great tips and tricks for the MTC.

It’s HERE…!!!

My mission call finally came today! My mom texted to me to let me know it came and informed me that, instead of sending it to Rexburg for me to open on Sunday, she wanted to save money and come to my dad’s house – where I am staying before heading back to school – and hand it to me. So now I have to carry it from Oakland Airport to SLC Airport and on a four hour bus ride to Rexburg. Oh yeah, and sleep through the night to open it the next morning!

But I am very excited to open it! I have been putting myself in a place where I am ready to go wherever, because I know Heavenly Father is preparing people just for me and my companion(s) to find, influence, teach, and love.


Empty Mailbox

This was taken on Wednesday… when my mission call did NOT come.

Mission Call - Friday

This is my mission call… which DID come on Friday! This is my mom’s blurry photo from Facebook; but it suffices.

You can kind of see my name, too!